September 16, 2009

It's War.

Remember THIS "cool" "vintage" army trunk that I was going to put at the foot of our bed? Yeeeaaah. That was going to be so awesome until I realized that the interior of this thing STINKS and the smell cannot be removed. As in, layers of bleach and Febreze and airing out and god knows what other strong products and it still stinks like mold and corpse almost one year later. (I suspect that rather than carrying around the belongings of Major Dean B. McNealy as he sallied forth, it actually CARRIED AROUND Major Dean B. McNealy.)

Vintage Trunk = Smelly Coffin?

And the vintage army blanket ("new condition") that I ordered from the internet? It stinks too. What gives? No amount of cleaning has washed awayeth its stench which wafteth forth like vomit into my linen closet. So, I am now campaigning to get them both out of the house. I must convince JJ that we need to send these items back to whence they came, namely Goodwill.

Barf Blanket!

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