September 16, 2009

I Ache for Ochre

The most beautiful furniture combined with antique items sourced from all over the world, custom-designed lighting and amazing stylings... I'm in love. Ochre is: amazing.

Per the OCHRE STORE website:
"OCHRE was started by two friends at a London art school who started making things they liked regardless of the latest trends. Their elegant understated style proved very popular with a wide audience including the Design Press. Ten years later (and after a third partner had joined), OCHRE and I teamed up to open a shop on Broome Street in Soho, New York. The store is not just meant to showcase OCHRE’s beautiful range of furniture and lighting but also curates other people’s work; rare and exceptional pieces that complement the OCHRE line. OCHRE’s design philosophy always emphasizes the use of high quality materials and flawless craftsmanship to create objects which are both timeless and contemporary - and everything in the OCHRE STORE endeavours to echo these principles."

Now, for some eye candy.

(You see that chair JJ? I LOVE it.)

And if you want to fall in LOVE too, you ABSOLUTELY must check out the two most amazing slideshows on the Ochre Store website:


Or, just go straight to the source: OCHRE (Design - Furniture, Accessories and Lighting)and OCHRE STORE (Everything)

(ALL images from Ochre website(s).)


kumeeks said...

that chandelier over the bed...DANG (this is when you gotta use CAPS)

Soo-ze said...

Ochre...gorgeous photos, but look at the prices! Don't pay retail, I sell that suff at auction for a 1/4 of the price.

Tara said...

Pay retail? Ha! I'm not sure I could afford one single item at full price. I'll look into the auction route... but, really, such great looking stuff.