January 29, 2009

More Books!

Seriously...I could just post pictures of libraries all day long on this site. I won't, but I could. I'm just saying.

(I love books so much. If I ever design my own house, a room full of bookshelves will be the first room I'd put into the plans.)

(Image via David Tsay.)

January 13, 2009

Good Night, Sleep Tight.

Our bedroom. A calm and quiet space at the back of the apartment. The high ceilings and two large windows are daily reminders that AT LAST WE ARE NOT SLEEPING IN CLOSETS.

Nice high windows, room to make the bed - all I have ever dreamed of... :)

Pretty proud of our homemade headboard. It's just plywood covered in natural linen fabric and attached to wall. So classy.

Bedroom closet door and the mirrored armoires from my old apartment. Surprisingly, this apartment has very little storage - one closet (here) and one pantry (kitchen).

The Front Room

As the title says, this room is located in the front of the house. I love it because it has large windows and receives a lot of daytime sun. It just seems so elegant somehow. (If I can't have an Edwardian terrace in London, then this is a pretty good substitute.)

Couch in the window - perfect for Sunday mornings - sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and reading a magazine whilst still in pajamas.

Unfortunately this isn't a working fireplace, but I still love it. It's so pretty.

Miscellany in the corner...

JJ doesn't like it, but I put this green chair (free on craigslist!)in front of our second front door. I believe this room used to be a living room/parlor when the building was a single-family residence. That door opens into the entry hall/stairway to upstairs neighbors. (Hi Andy, Nicole and Baby Charlie!)

This is the "office" where sometimes JJ gets to work on Fridays. Gee, wish I could work from home...

The Man Room

This room, in the center of the house, contains the tv, the leather couch, the pac-man table, and books and cds. Basically, it's the place where JJ and I spend 75% of our time at home.

Love the high ceilings!

Perfect area for chillaxin'.

See, it is truly the "center" of the apartment (looking from hallway to front of apartment):

At Last!

I am still trying to figure out how to a) use the new camera and b) use the new camera well. But, I've been told that something is better than nothing, so here are some photos. First up: The Kitchen.

The prep area to the right of the stove:

The art in the dining area:

The dining table/area (curtains closed):

Dining area and a peek to our back patio (steps lead down to yard):

Loads of cabinets - loads of storage: