September 15, 2009


Sitting at my REAL desk in my REAL office (read: barfy cubicle) I began to dream about my WISH desk for my WISH office...

First, my George Nelson desk designed for Herman Miller:
Then, a nice comfy desk chair such as the Saarinen Womb Chair (I think it's pretty ergonomic, don't you?):
Then, some shelving upon which to store my design magazines, like the Atlas Industries AS4 Shelving:
Some office a beautiful red Swingline stapler and a good, strong Ranger pencil sharpener:

Next I probably would need a better computer so that I could check e-mail, send some tweets and update my blog. Maybe this gold-plated MacBook?
And of course, some "motivational" artwork:
Yep. This is how I wish my design studio would look. Oh, didn't I mention it? My WISH office is actually more of a WISH STUDIO for my MAKE BELIEVE INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM. (The overuse of the Caps Lock key is because I am LAZY today.)

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