September 24, 2009

Feeling Slab Happy

I dream of having a large, long table at which JJ and I can host many friends for dinner. A big table where JJ and I can work on "projects" (now) and our children can spread out and do homework (future). Currently I am loving these "slab" tables made from large pieces of wooden slabs. (Duh.) Often made from reclaimed wood, they are beautiful and full of life and character. I can get lost just looking at the burls and whirls and knots and stuff. (JJ - feel free to fill me in on the proper wood terminology here, as I am clueless.) I think that my boss is giving JJ and me a large slab of redwood from a felled tree on his property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I hope that we can turn it into the long-hoped-for dining table. We'll see. It's immaterial actually, because a large table won't fit in our current apartment. The dining area in the kitchen is teeny, tiny and is now even more cramped thanks to the addition of my Hans Wannabe-Wegner chairs. (Still love 'em!) We've tried coming up with ways of converting one of our two living room/office/tv rooms into a dining room, but haven't come up with a feasible plan. Until then, I look at these photos and get pretty excited! Slab happy, if you will.

What I hope to have someday...

(Image from Living, Etc.)

and what inspired me...

(The original inspiration - from Scott and Marie's House Tour on Apartment Therapy)

(A Modern Variant from

(Ash Dining Table by Terry Kardowicz from Michelle Kaufmann's Smart Home on AT)

(Slab Table from BDDW Furniture)

(Century Furniture version)

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I would love a slab table. We've recently moved to a new home in Harrison Mills. Our forever house so I want to furnish with forever furniture. So I'm searching. Any suggestions, what ever I've found is crazy expensive. But I haven't given up. Love your pix!