September 16, 2009


Lest you think that the furniture/designs from Ochre are too... brooding? dark? moody? and that maybe you're not sure if you love or hate Ochre because of this "feeling" you get, let me show you something that might persuade you to like their stuff as much as I do. (See my earlier post about Ochre.) Because, yes, the photos from the Ochre website, while pretty, do have a certain stormy quality to them. Must be the dark and dusky earth tones and the "rough" textures. Who knows? Below are photos from co-founder Harriet Maxwell Macdonald's home as shown in Domino magazine (RIP Domino). As you can see, this is no dark and stormy home. It's bright and light and cozy and spacious - all at the same time. And yes, most of the furniture is from the Ochre store. You see, it's all about the mix.

And may I add that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bedroom? Especially the gray/blue wall color? (May I? and may I use ALL CAPS again? No? Okay, sorry.) :)

If only I could mix furnishings like this. Wowza.

(All images from Domino Magazine, taken by Elizabeth Zeschin)

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