September 16, 2009

ALL CAPS are the new parentheses (seriously)

Hey, just a quick mea culpa about the sudden increase in the use of the Caps Lock key. Before I used to put emphasis on my writing by using funny "asides" inside parentheses (hey, don't act like you don't do it, too) and of late I've been YELLING ALL OF THE TIME. I just want to get across to my readers, all 5 of you, that I am excited!!! about the things that I'm posting. Maybe it's the blog equivalent of underlining five times in your 7th grade diary the name of the guy you like. So, apologies for the electronic screaming, the not-so-witty witticisms (if any) and the overall poor grammar. All in all, I realize that my horrible writing is a result of one thing: laziness. Dear Readers, you should expect more from someone who had a perfect score on the Verbal (writing) section of the SAT. (I can brag, it's my blog.) What I mean to write is: I'll do better. I promise.

Peace out,
Tara :)

P.S. (I'll never stop using exclamation points and smiley faces, however. Never!!!)


kumeeks said...

there you go again, bragging about your perfect verbal score on the SAT...:)

kumeeks said...

by the way, seriously offended that i got cut off from this picture...the only thing of mine you see are my fingers!

Tara said...

Sorry - should've kept you and cropped JJ.