September 9, 2009

Sunken Garden Pools in my Tuscan Villa

So, when I discover a random pile of money under my mattress and decide to do the "Year in Provence" or "Under the Tuscan Sun" thing and take some time off from work, buy a charmingly run-down villa somewhere in Europe, and renovate the whole property into a magnificent vacation home, I'd really like to have a sunken garden pool installed somewhere on the property. (Of course this diamond-in-the-rough villa comes with a few acres, an old stable and a vineyard). Being open and friendly, I will make friends with the  quirky but friendly neighbor Jacques (or Gianni) who will just happen to be able to help me source some local stone, help me dig up a previously undiscovered artesian well and just so happens to have a cousin who is an artisan bricklayer. And, voila! this is what we'll have:
or maybe something like this:

It will be great. I really look forward to the sitting on the terrace (or terrazo) with JJ, drinking some of our own vineyard's wine (not great, but definitely palatable) and watching our kids splash around in the pool we (okay, Jacques/Gianni and his cousins Alphonse/Alfredo) put in with our bare hands. Now, I just need to start looking for that money...

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