September 18, 2009

I'm sorry mama, I didn't mean to make you cry...

I heard that song "Cleaning Out the Closet" by Eminem earlier today and it reminded me that I have a BIG bag of dry cleaning and mending that needs to be taken to the cleaners. I also have a wine-soaked, bar and beer-stained wedding dress hanging in the bedroom that I need to get cleaned/stored/sold. This task is difficult for me because my obsessive compulsive side is at war with my sentimental side. If history has taught me anything, I think my obsessive compulsive side will win. (Currently, I can't sleep at night if the closet door is open and I can see the clutter inside from the bed. Oh, come on, you know you'd do the same and you all know I like a clean house.) In sum, our closet is a mess. Filled to the brim, it not only has clothes, but piles of miscellany, such as suitcases, picture frames, and purses packed in there so tight right up to the ceiling that I'm surprised nobody has hurt themselves yet trying to get something out. (Oh wait, somebody DID hurt themselves trying to get crap out. D'oh!) So, um, yeah, I need to clean the closet like Eminem says:

I'm sorry mama
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant make you cry
But tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet

You're probably wondering what this has to do with "cohabit8ing" or interior design. Nothing much, I guess. It has more to do with compromise. You see, cleaning out the closet isn't the easy task it once was when, being a single gal, twice a year I'd go through my clothes and donate/thrift every last piece of my wardrobe, excepting only my all-black basic "classics" which I told myself would last forever. After the "big clean" I'd then spend the next six months buying new clothes, only to repeat the entire process all over again. Cleaning out the closet now means that not only do I have MY half of random clothing to go through, but I have another person that I have to convince needs to do the same with HIS half. (Two people + one closet = barely controlled chaos.) Easy for me to throw away an outdated, ill-fitting shirt, not so easy for other people. *cough* JJ *cough*. Note: JJ if you're reading this, I will let you help me go through my clothes and "edit" if you will let me do the same for you.

Also, in the spirit of bad clothing and families, I have posted a good photo from Awkward Family Photos (easily the funniest website ever) and am silently glad that neither JJ, nor I have a sweater like one of those below. Not anymore, that is.

And now, I'm off to browse The Container Store website...

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kumeeks said...

my favorite site is:

The guy who runs this is an acquaintance, and he's so funny...

I haven't checked it out in a while, glad you made me think of it again :)