October 13, 2009


I need a blog break. Normally surfing the web and looking at fabulous interiors makes me want to rush home and rearrange throw pillows and the like, but that hasn't been the case lately. It seems that now that the post-wedding nesting phase is over (that's a true thing, btw) I am kinda tired of house stuff. Strange enough, I just have no desire to obsess over the proper place to store placemats (usually a fun hobby of mine), nor to dwell on the correct curtain length for the living room (96" or 118"? I don't know.) You're lucky I don't post about that stuff - as it is only poor J.J. has to deal with my obsessing. So, what was I saying? Oh yeah. I'm not posting for a while. Instead I'm going to sit on my butt and watch terrible, terrible television and let my injured ankle heal. Of course, I might change my mind tomorrow and start uploading photos like a banshee. Only time will tell.

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