November 10, 2009


Some books that I need ASAP to prett-ify our bookshelves:

The New Classics Series by Penguin.

I'll take all 8 of them please. I promise I will read them from cover to beautiful cover.

"Paris Made by Hand" by Pia Jane Bijkirk.

This will reconcile my inner francophile with my inner d-i-y-er.

And last, but not least:

"Restoring a House in the City" by Ingrid Abramovitch.

When JJ and I get our diamond-in-the-rough Victorian, I will use this book as inspiration and will have the most kick. ass. house. ever.

1 comment:

Malin said...

We are looking for inspiration for dining chairs. We need them ASAP! Like this weekend. Love, 34 Delmar.