November 20, 2009

Missed Connections

Dear Sophie Blackall,

My wall has a missed connection with your art. I need it.
'kay, thanks!

Tara :)

(Image by Sophie Blackall.)

Red Book, Blue Book

Monday, September 14, 2009Look: historically, I'm not a morning person. And to top it off, I was grimacing through some lower back pain that flowered over the weekend. So when you noticed me (white guy, brown hair, blue/white striped shirt, earphones, red book) and I noticed you (white girl, brown hair, nosering, headphones, blue book) for however brief a moment this morning, it was bolstering and made me forget the knife in my back. Haven't noticed you before, but if there's a next time, maybe I can slap myself out of the morning slumber and say hey. No promises, though.

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1 comment:

Eloise said...

Dear Cohabit8ing,

I have a missed connection with new posts. WTF?

Love, Malin.