November 20, 2009

Design Guides by Design*Sponge

JJ is quail hunting in Mexico this weekend and so I have the house (and the City) to myself. I don't have much that I have to do, so I've decided to use the Design*Sponge Design Guide for San Francisco in order to explore the place that I've called home for the last decade, or so. These "guides" are put together by various bloggers/designers and are posted on the Design*Sponge website - one of my daily reads - and are a great way to explore a city and discover new and interesting shops, museums, and landmarks all with a slant toward design and interiors. I think they are a great way to rediscover a city once you've traipsed around and seen the main tourist attractions. You know, like Fisherman's Wharf or the Eiffel Tower.

Looking at the list of cities on the site makes me want to go back to Europe and re-visit a lot of places, especially Amsterdam. And wouldn't it be fun to go "down under" and see Brisbane and Sydney? Oooh, wouldn't that be exciting? I do have some frequent flier miles...

So, I'll start this weekend with San Francisco and make it my goal to go to AT LEAST three other cities in 2010.

Check the guides out:

Design*Sponge City Guides

(All images via Design*Sponge.)

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