January 13, 2009

The Front Room

As the title says, this room is located in the front of the house. I love it because it has large windows and receives a lot of daytime sun. It just seems so elegant somehow. (If I can't have an Edwardian terrace in London, then this is a pretty good substitute.)

Couch in the window - perfect for Sunday mornings - sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and reading a magazine whilst still in pajamas.

Unfortunately this isn't a working fireplace, but I still love it. It's so pretty.

Miscellany in the corner...

JJ doesn't like it, but I put this green chair (free on craigslist!)in front of our second front door. I believe this room used to be a living room/parlor when the building was a single-family residence. That door opens into the entry hall/stairway to upstairs neighbors. (Hi Andy, Nicole and Baby Charlie!)

This is the "office" where sometimes JJ gets to work on Fridays. Gee, wish I could work from home...

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