December 4, 2008

Our new neighborhood.

Cole Valley aka "The CV" "94117" or "Where?"

For those of you wondering where it is exactly that we live, we are now in a neighborhood called Cole Valley. It's near Haight Ashbury. No hippies here tho'. From what I can tell it's more wheat grass than "grass" in this area. It's very convenient -we're near Golden Gate Park's main entrance, and even better we are only 30 seconds from Kezar Stadium. (I love that!) The commute is easy, too. There are multiple muni lines to downtown (N-Judah, 71, 71L, 7, and 6). It has a hardware store. It has cafes. It has pretty houses. Also, did I mention that we have lots of friends here? That's The Best. Basically, we love it. It=Cole Valley.

(Image via The Front Steps.)

From the SF Chronicle:

"Cole Valley, while partly in the Haight-Ashbury and part in the Parnassus neighborhoods, Cole Valley has a character all its own. The San Francisco Chronicle neighborhood guide says, "...bordered on the west by Stanyan Street and the Sutro Forest, on the south by Tank Hill and on the east by Clayton Street. Residents are largely families and young professionals, though there is no trace of the snootiness that has affected other parts of the city. Most of the businesses in Cole Valley are of the mom-and-pop variety, in lieu of chain stores or franchises, and shop owners are outwardly supportive of each other."

Read more HERE.

*Also, seems there is a fight between Cole Valley and Noe Valley as to which is the better valley.(Guess Hayes Valley doesn't count?) Read all about it HERE. (via The Front Steps blog - great resource for "local" SF real estate gossip.)

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kumeeks said...

i love that you're so close and i love how it's coming together :)